My name is John David Tenayuca and my lineage goes back 20 generations to that of the omnipotent Black Jaguar Lineage. My ancestry comes from my namesake on the Tenayuca pyramid in the pre-Columbian Mesoamerican archaeological site in the Valley of the Moon in Teotihuacan. In the Toltec Empire and civilizations of the 2 twin capital cities of the Chichimec, Pyramids of Chichen Itza, and Tula, Pyramid of Tenayuca, is where nomadic tribes who migrated and settled in the Valley of Mexico formed their own kingdoms from the civilization pre-Aztec history post-Mayan.

    On the professional side, at 19 yrs. old, I mastered Lotus 123 spreadsheets and became founder and CEO of a very lucrative Computer Consulting business called DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, and a very successful REAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & PROPERTY MAINTENANCE all in San Francisco where I settled after my college years studying everything I could study while working round the clock very successful business in data, property management, maintenance service company which encompassed my entrepreneurial passion and genius for computer business, marketing, and sales. Then with my computer business in Financial Monthly Statements I entered into the Tax Preparation Business.  After many years of success, my father retired and I inherited his business called TENEX ENGINEERING AND BUILDING CONSTRUCTION Business, my biggest project was to be involved in the reconstruction of the 1989 San Francisco Earthquake!

    For the past 20 years of retirement, I have strived to help preserve ancient knowledge and create a perception of these oral and secret mystery traditions of my Black Jaguar Lineage. Today, I will share with you what I have discovered. I have been divinely guided to write about Toltec Knowledge which leads to Toltec Wisdom which is the Toltec Way with the guiding Light of Unconditional Love, also the strongest force in the Universe and 528hz, is the perfect sound, frequency, vibration of Love!

We will be launching new businesses with new technologies in Healing and 2 amazing books to be published backed up by new websites and the the launch team will announce the launch date very very soon!!!!!!!!!!